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the ASEAN International Concerto Competition 2013


Welcome to the  5th AICC. Here’s a message from Dr. Yeo Kuei Pin, founder, and Artistic Director of the AICC.

It is with delight that I announce the fifth ASEAN International Concerto Competition (AICC), which will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 20 July to 27 July 2013.

This year is a special year not only for AICC, but also for Yayasan Musik Jakarta, the classical music education institution that fully supports and makes AICC possible, who celebrates her 30th Anniversary this July.

From the start, AICC was established to identify, encourage, and foster outstanding young musicians from the ASEAN region in the development of their love for and realization of their career in music through numerous performance opportunities in a diverse and supportive environment. I am proud to say this mission is what continues to drive our enthusiasm at AICC.

I am honored once again to welcome our distinguished jury members from around the globe.

I hope you will join us.

Dr. Kuei Pin Yeo

Artistic & Music Director

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The 5th AICC 2013 Schedule